It starts with the BRAIN

The POWER lies in your THOUGHTS!

Everything starts with your thought processes and how your thoughts shape your behaviour. 


Antonette Schminke

Antonette Schminke is a credited NBI-Practitioner and her goal, her aim, her passion is to empower and help connect people with themselves to break through their default way of living and reaching the fullest version of living life. She provides the necessary insight, knowledge, skills and techniques to individuals, groups and teams to reach their goals and full potential and to coach individuals valuable insights into their thinking  preferences.

She specialises in relationship styles, parenting styles, weight management, career guidance, subject choices and is currently training as a behavioral change facilitator, and performance enhancement. 

What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months?

We all have a default way of living. We all have a default way of thinking. What is holding you back? Why are you not getting paid what you are worth? Why can you not come to terms with being single or losing a loved one? Why are you not reaching your goal weight? Why do you feel stuck in your relationship?

We all yearn for happiness. “If I can land that job, I’ll be happy.” or “If I find the love of my life, I’ll be happy.” or “If I fit into my old clothes again, I’ll be happy”… but, until you change your state of being we are all destined to live a default future. We always fall back into that straight line, taking us nowhere, instead of taking the time to evaluate your values in life, your desires and working with your brain to finally make a permanent breakthrough to get you where you really want to be! 


Resolve Conflict

What stresses do you bring home with you? How does this affect your partner, your kids? Or is your spouse the problem?


Thrive in your business

Are you earning enough for the number of hours you spend on/at work? Is your business doing "okay" or great for the last couple of years? How is the morale at work and amongst your team?


Parent right

Are you and your partner on the same track when it comes to raising your kids? Do you have the same standards? Are you secretly raising a "mini-me" because I really want to give my child only the best in life? Everyone thinks and therefore acts, differently! Knowing makes all the difference.


Train Your Brain for Weight Loss

How do you talk to yourself in the mirror? Do you like what you see? Or is the pattern of your thinking been negative about yourself, your self-image for a looooong time? But can anyone blame you for being suspicious about another way of eating? Another way of exercising? Another pill to take. Another quick fix that doesn't work and that's making you feel worse than before. It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? You can treat the symptom but what is the root? Think about it... If you treat the symptom but you don't treat the system the end is worse than the beginning. No wonder you're feeling stuck!


Choosing the right career

What are you good at? What do you thrive on? What is your default way of thinking and how can I make a living out of the best version of me, doing what I love?


Choosing the right subjects

This is key in choosing right the first time. Knowing what subjects you like and prefer according to your brain will lead to Satisfaction / Achievement / Genuine Interest In What You Learn and ultimately a Rewarding Career.

Are you owning your life? Or is it owned by someone else?


What is your mood like...

when you wake up in the morning? At the breakfast table? On your way to work? How is the mood in your office? With your colleagues? With your boss? How about in your own company? Are you cynical, pessimistic, referring to your “problems” all day long and feeling stuck in all that NEGATIVITY? 

Or are you the individual...

that is actively looking for solutions, feeding your brain the necessary positivity that will ignite your creativity? Are you able to step aside and use the power of your whole brain thinking to thrive on all levels of life? Are you utilizing your creativity? 

Why do we need creativity?

Creativity is in actual fact IDEAS! Everything in life started with someone having an idea and then starting to analyse the idea, weighing things up, finding solutions for the idea to work, keeping an open mind! 

And then COVID-19 happens and you have a choice. Your reality changes dramatically and THAT IS THE TIME to dig deeper into your creativity because new ideas are critical in you survival. We all have creativity, we’ve just suppressed it as we grew older. In a time of crisis, we need to change the way that we think, by using our 8-dimensional brain.

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