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Hi, I'm Antonette Schminke

At the age of 42 my life was falling apart. My husband left me. I had a "Mickey Mouse" party business that needed to pay the bills. I had no formal education. I had no knowledge about finances or working with money. No pension. No confidence. I was walking around with a broken heart and a broken life.

I remember, waking up in the morning not wanting to face the day. And at the same time, I was frantic every waking second, trying to cope with my reality. I was completely in survival mode and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But the thing is, I wanted to heal. I wanted to grow in this new terrifying life experience.

I was at times, conflicted about my hurt and anger and I really didn’t see the point of living. Why should I carry on? What was my reason for even trying so hard to heal and to move forward if I had to do this thing called “life” alone? It was a very dark and scary place to be at, BUT…
I didn’t want to feel bitter. I wanted to change for the better. Stepping out and making it work. FOR ME! I’ve spent my whole life living and breathing for my family. I wanted to get to know the real Antonette. I wanted to be excited about my life. My next life. My new life. But I was terrified and It wasn’t easy at all.

Trying to think yourself positive, is a complete waste of time, BUT making a DECISION about where you want to be in your life, that is




In the name of science, all things are possible

So, we all want to be in a better place in our lives, right? We know that what we've been doing hasn't worked in the past. I mean, we've tried, but it didn't really change much in our lives. How do we know this?

Because our problems haven’t changed – We haven’t changed! 

If I had to ask you what problems did you have two, three years ago?

  • What issues did you have with money?
  • Do you still have the same problems in your relationships?
  • Are you still overweight?
  • Do you still hate your job?
  • Is your business of 16 years still not making money?

Why don’t we move forward but stay stuck in our lives, year after year after year? Because we are all destined to live a default life… or are we?

The answer to this question and the solution to getting unstuck lies in our brain which is three parts in one. 

Each three of these three brains contribute its own unique understanding of the world and guides our actions according to that understanding which lies in our values, our upbringing, our convictions. 

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing

MLNP is a powerful instrument that supports the brain to process and integrate both positive and negative information on the cognitive, emotional and sensory levels. Using all three levels of the brain whereas normal coaching only focuses on the cognitive side.

This is a life-changing method that is used to process problems and issues on a physiological level which brings about permanent change on an emotional level which will influence your thought processes and behaviour. 

Simply talking about your problems and issues won’t get you to the root of your problems.

If that worked, we’d live in a perfect world which we certainly don’t! 

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Dalian McCarthy

“I  was diagnosed with depression in April 2019 by my local doctor and he recommended that I see a psychologist, but I felt the medication prescribed to me was not effective and that I needed to deal with emotions and circumstances differently and I still found that it wasn’t the right course of action that needed to be taken. 

After much hesitation, I later decided to send Antonette an email with regards to my situation and what I have been experiencing. 

On my visit to her she made time to listen to my side of the story and how I was feeling. She was so open and non-judgmental; she showed kindness and support and made me feel comfortable to open up. Her caring nature spoke volumes and on the very first day gave me hope and reassured me she will help. 

We had various sessions and after each one, I left feeling relieved and a sense of accomplishment. She has taught me how to deal with emotions, situations and experiences but most importantly how to process all of these things.

I am stronger and more emotionally in control and dealing with things I never had the courage to previously.

Antonette has not just helped me in this but has been a shoulder to cry on even out of business hours. She checks on me and does more than just be a Neuro Coach; she is a hero, supporter, cheerleader and so much more. 

I’m happy to say that today I am a branch manager. I have reached my dream that I set out for myself.

Any person who needs Antonette’s assistance will be more than happier they came across her in their life, she leaves a footprint in your heart.” 

Lana Nelson

“With this, I would like to thank Antonette for your help in finding my way back on track again with my business. 

You are extremely professional in how you conduct your work. After struggling with my business as well as my motivation and low energy levels, you have set me back on my path again. I am much more motivated than I have been in a very long time and I actually have brand new ideas on how to go about getting into a new business and sustaining my standing business.

Again thank you and keep doing the great work you are doing.”

Charné Enslin-Bam

“Antonette has done a teacher/training profile on me. I was amazed! It pinpointed exactly who I am and how I approach my students. It opened up my mind towards my colleagues, as I would always judge myself for not being as great as they are but in actual fact, it is just the way my R2 quadrant deals with situations, totally different from my colleagues. I understand myself better now and notice many different things that I knew that was there but not acknowledging them. It was very quick and painless! I recommend it to all teachers.”

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