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The Pace Of Grace

Welcome to a safe place where you will find healing and YOU again, going through this difficult time.

Often people don’t understand the depth of your hurt or your anger or your brokenness.

Connecting and committing yourself to this 12-Week Programme will encourage you to find your value again, it’s a place where you can feel safe, without judgement. A place where you can share the good and the bad, find that healing and most importantly, hold on to your precious heart while moving forward!

You don't need to do this on your own...

Dealing with emotions

I remember how confused I was during my divorce. I remember my thoughts being cloudy and I had tremendous low energy and although I felt so drained all the time and I couldn’t sleep properly. I used to wake up in the middle of the night, hoping this was just a terrible nightmare, only to look at the empty space beside and then I’m back, facing my reality. A reality I didn’t want. 

We are all wired for love. We crave it. And when love is broken, we break.

Journey your divorce

The only way to get back on track is to start tracking! Divorce might be the end of your marriage, but it’s also a beginning of a new life, new goals, new standards for yourself and it’s a beginning FINDING YOU!

  • What you need right now is support through this difficult time.
  • You need to stabilize yourself in a safe environment where you can tear things apart and get clear about the issues you are facing.
  • You need to put yourself first and claim that desire you have to be whole again.

You can either curl up in a corner and feel sorry for yourself, (and you should... to a point!) or you can work your way through this trauma in a controlled, safe space with people that loves and understands you.

Claim the desire to heal and connect

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