Train Your Brain For Weight Loss


My top is too tight! And if I'm honest I'm really just too tired to care... But in reality, I do care! I don't want to be fat. I don't want to hate myself in the mirror each morning, but I just CAN'T START THAT DIET! I don't have the energy for it. And that's the reason I eat!! To get me through another hour of the day, because I'm drained. Emotionally, physically. I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START!

Weight Loss - Programme

How many of you had certain patterns of thinking that’s been negative about yourself, your self-image for a long, long time? And what do you do about it? If I had to ask you the question, do you want to stay stuck with your weight and your thoughts and let it weigh you down?

Of course, you don’t!!
But can anyone blame you for being suspicious about another way of eating? Another way of exercising? Another pill to take. Another quick fix that doesn’t work and that makes you feel even worse than before. It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?
You can always treat the symptom but what is the root?

Think about it…

If you treat the symptom but you don’t treat the system the end is worse than the beginning.


Your first Neuro-Coaching Session is FREE! This programme will get your focus right and it will lead you into your specific direction to achieve your ideal weight, using your brain to get to lasting results.

NBI Eating Habits

STOP MEASURING YOUR TUMMY and start eating food! How awesome would it be to get the proper insight into your weight-loss journey? Find out where does your mind go as soon as you start thinking about food. You don’t need to measure your tummy over and over again, but let’s dig deeper into the brain and identify your style and approaches and where and how you can improve this for lasting successful results.


NBI General Adult profile • NBI Eating Habits profile 

Personal Growth

You are better than you think

We all feel stuck at times. Others just never come out of their stuck and you don't need to settle for a straight line, default way of living! Will it take effort to make a breakthrough? YES, it will! Will it be lasting this time? YES, it will! What makes this different? Your brain! Using the Neuro-Coaching Method will give you the opportunity to dig deeper into your mind and it will give you the opportunity to process the things that are holding you back.

Do you know who you are?

Whether you are at work (working from home or in the office!) Whether you are at home, homeschooling your kids. Whether you and your partner are fighting again over the same thing!
You should really know who YOU are. More specifically, know your default way of thinking. 
Doing a general adult brain profile could very well be your starting block, understanding your relationships, your approach to people and making decisions!
 The knowledge that you’ll gain will increase your awareness not only of yourself but it will give you great insight into the thinking preferences of others too.


NBI General Adult profile • NBI Adult A profile • NBI Whole Brain Feedback profile • NBI Skills • NBI Creativity Style

Resolve Conflict In Your Relationship


Ever felt like “changing your partner?” or think “if he/she could only do this or that in this way…” things will improve…?

Communication is one of the great divides between the sexes and is the reason for a lot of misunderstanding and discontent. The reality is lives are ruined, marriages break up and children become victims because of defective and even toxic relationships. There are so many ways in which broken relationships manifest themselves.


NBI General Adult profile • NBI Relationship Style 

What if...

What if you invest time in your relationship? What if we could change the way we see our partner? What if understanding your partner's brain profile could save your relationship? What if you could develop a tolerance for one another?

What are your expectations?

Which profile matches yours (or comes closest to it!) See how you and your partner’s sex-brain profiles differ…
PROFILE 1 – it’s my way or the high way, babe!
PROFILE 2 – no surprises, please!
PROFILE 3 – hearts & flowers!
PROFILE 4 – let’s try something else!
PROFILE 5 – variety, but on my terms!
PROFILE 6 – love must be practical!
PROFILE 7 – perfectness, please!
PROFILE 8 – delirious love!
PROFILE 9 – not always so sure…
PROFILE 10 – untamed but organized!
PROFILE 11 – I know what I want, baby!

Opposites attract! When we start to prowl or seek a partner, subconsciously we see ourselves as incomplete and try to find our “other half” that can complete us. That is why we often end up with a partner that is very different from us. The only problem is… those same differences that attracted us in the beginning, often become irritations about our partners.


NBI General Adult profile • NBI Relationship Style 

Spend time getting to understanding your partner instead of trying to change them!

How important is your health & sport?

NBI Sport Instruments

Let's dive deeper into your Sport!

What is your thought processes during the game? Do you freeze up as soon as you see your opponent? No matter how much you try to stay positive and follow people’s advice as to don’t let them bother you, as soon as they walk onto the field you feel off-balance and it’s making a huge impact on your game! 

Get your focus back for lasting results! Using Neuro-Coaching we don’t just work on the cognitive functioning of the brain but we work on all three levels of the brain to make a permanent change.


NBI General Adult profile • NBI RugbyNBI Rugby Referee • NBI Soccor • NBI Golf • NBI Tennis • NBI Cricket • NBI Netball • NBI Netball Umpire

Developing your game and making better decisions during key moments will lead to better understanding of the game. 

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