Stress Relief Programme ~ NEURO-COACHING



You are one DECISION away from a completely different life.

  1. So, you’ve tried to lose weight.

  2. You’ve tried to be less angry.

  3. You’re forever pleasing people and don’t take time for yourself.

  4. You are constantly overthinking everything.

  5. What areas in your life are you avoiding?

  6. You walk over people with your outbursts.

  7. In certain situations, you always act on impulse.

I’m certainly guilty of always filling everybody else’s cup – secretly hoping that if I fill it enough, mine will be filled in return. The underlining issue is acceptance and approval, I couldn’t even hear my own needs.

Now that I’ve broken that habit I’m working hard on stopping myself from being impulsive and taking it out on my family when I get stressed out.

At least one of these habits is ruining your life right now. It’s probably been there for years and you do it without noticing it. You learned them from your parents as a child or it’s become your coping mechanism to survive.
These patterns didn’t begin with you, but they will end with you!

See them. Name them. Take the first step.


The light is always in you

You know what you need to do.

You know why you need to do it.

If not now… WHEN?

If not this then… WHAT?

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